The most important part for any sample request is the hand over from you to us. The more you information provide the faster and easier (& cheaper) it will be to produce the samples/collection that you are after making. Maybe you will send us the actual shapes to copy, or web links to others designs with notes on changes required or spec sheets. We charge 2 x estimated wholesale price + $30 USD per style that includes all grading & pattern making using our in-house computerized CAD software system, far better than paper patterns. In some cases styling sent to us is very complex & in these cases we reserve the right to charge an additional one off fee.

We are not a fabric supplier but know where the suppliers are & what they hold in stock. By far the best supplier in Bali is called Warna Jaya (also Silky Jaya) here They hold around 1,500 different fabrics in stock, such as cotton, Rayon, Linen, Silk and plenty of blends all easy to browse in their office in Denpasar. If you’re coming over to Bali they should be your first point of contact & do remember to request the the swatches of your chosen fabrics, showing us the code and name and the costs of each one.

If your not coming over then be aware that we cannot send out runners to search for your fabrics as the choice is too diverse. You will need to know whether the fabric is woven (like shirting) or knitted (like T-shirts) or better still some locally sourced swatches of fabric for us to match.