As soon as you have approved the samples & your ready to begin you place your orders and we invoice @ 50% the total amount. Normally any order is completed in 4-6 weeks depending on volumes and complexity and more for overseas fabrics being imported. Once the order is finished we will invoice you the balance which when in our Bank account means you can now collect the goods. If you request we use use our DHL account to send the order to you, we can as long as its pre paid. The goods will normally land within 3-4 working days anywhere globally. NOTE. The taxes you need to pay upon delivery will be calculated by DHL and you will be told to pay when you receive the goods. Best to contact DHL in your country to ask them the charges that will be levied on the value of the goods + shipping costs. All our production is stingently checked by our QC (quality Control) Dept. However we do encourage clients to send in their own QC (or we can assist with some independent people here in Bali) who come into office and do the final check and count the goods into the boxes. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing and nothing worse than getting something you did not bargain for. This very rarely happens but worth noting. We sell our products Ex Factory even we send to your address via DHL and once they have left the premises we hold no liability.

swimwear manufacturer bali

Major Fabrication

In the main we use Poly and Nylon Spandex both plain and digitally printed for all types of swim and sportswear. For the ladies natural fabrication like dress and blouse market we use a lot of locally available Rayon woven & Rayon Jersey inc all types of Cotton, Voile, Linen, Silk etc as well as many blends. To note, the locally supplied Rayon is of the highest quality globally as well as the best price point and is the most widely available fabric in Indonesia. Rayon is primarily made from Pine trees and considered much more Eco friendly than Cotton. Rayon comes in many forms such as Crinkle, Voil, and Chiffon etc. Also, we regularly have the dyed fabrics checked in a laboratory to ensure there are no AZA dye stuffs or banned chemicals in the mix. In the main now all print and dye is ECO certified. Please go here to read more on Rayonhere. (Note: Rayon uses one twentieth of the water that cotton requires to grow and can produce 5 times the amount of fabric from the same amount of land cultivated)

All dyeing by King Trading – swimwear manufacturer bali is Eco certified and chemicals used are now all water based. The dyestuff are supplied by a Germany company called “Dystar


Time Lines

For natural fabric dye or print the easiest time of the year to produce is from the middle February to Middle October. For this period we normally quote 4-6 weeks for any sampling or production order. From Middle Oct to Middle February, due to monsoon and holidays we may have to quote longer time frames. For synthetics like Poly or Nylon Spandex printing and requests from Italy for Carvico or Euro Jersey can be up to three months.